Come sit on the porch a spell….

My first post!!!! Here goes nothing. First off let’s start by saying my porch was blah, brown, blah. I have recently found a love of color and wanted to incorporate some into our front porch.

First up paint the front door…RED! Red is supposed to be a good color for the front door as it represents welcoming, I like to think of it as a welcoming of love and stability, not vampires and drifters. Now I am an instant gratification kind of gal and when I decide I want something I need to have it NOW! So I painted this door by myself and it is so beyond not perfect, ask my neighbor.


And of course you have seen these tiered planters everywhere if you are on Pinterest, and I did not follow any instructions and decided to wing it. I used smaller planters on the inside to hold up the next size planter (did that make sense?) I had a ton of small terra cotta pots from a party I used them at. Also did you know it is not easy to spray paint terra cotta pots without ┬ápriming them first? Well it’s not and twelve coats later they looked teal enough to use.

Our front porch could fry an egg most days so those gorgeous ferns seen on every southern porch would within a week be as black as burnt toast. After the husband cut of all hanging fern purchases I came up with a better idea, fake ferns!!!! I bought them from Hobby Lobby using a 40% off coupon and took them apart and arranged them in some floral foam I had hot glued into the coconut liners. Those baskets were like 3 bucks at Home Depot and have a slightly distressed look I love.


I also added some urns (Thanks Jess;) and decided I would try some plants in those with lots of soil and watering, they have survived thus far….YAHOO!


The rocking chairs were a must!!! A good rocking chair can transform any old porch into instant southern comfort in my opinion. The pillows I made and will be doing a tutorial for them later….and by the way that left one actually has a number but I edited it out. The vase is from IKEA super cheap on sale, and that is a storage ottoman that I planned on keeping the watering can in but let’s be honest it never makes it back in there.

Now go and grab some sweet tea, and a Southern Living, and have at some porch relaxing….unless of course you have a toddler who rocks with you a minute and then is swiftly off exploring the grounds. Happy Porching (that’s right I made up a verb)!

9 comments on “Come sit on the porch a spell….

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  2. Love the new blog! The porch makeover looks great! Loving all of the colors. :) I love the urns*! ;) I keep thinking of trying to blog again…maybe one day soon!

    • URNS!!!! thats it thanks so much, you know when you just can not figure something out you know you know that was mine yesterday :)

  3. I LOVE IT!!! I love the tiered planters! And what a genius idea to do fake ferns!! I think I’m totally doing that since I already have the baskets!

    So happy you got your first post up! Proud of you, girl!! xoxo

  4. Oh my love, I am so proud of you. I am so happy the world will now get to see your awesomeness. Thanks for all the inspiration.

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