A Pirate Party! Arrrrr

My baby just turned 3! I still can’t believe it. He is obsessed with pirates, he loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and Captain Hook, and pirate sword fighting, and everything is a pirate ship….so a pirate party it was.

This is my third children’s party I have thrown, but my first with Pintertest around. Here is what I think about that, it will make you crazy! I wanted to do anything and everything I saw but there simply isn’t enough time for all that and it would be just too much. So I got inspiration from all over but eventually just went with what I thought worked for us and made it our own.

I loved his birthday shirt I ordered from etsy, and his pirate bathing suit shorts were a score from GapKids.


When the kids came in they were instructed to grab some pirate gear, and grab favor bag if they wanted to keep their treasure in it. We had tattoos, and hooks, and eye patches oh my! The favor bags contained a pirate book, a compass, and some pirate stickers.

I got those bags from Shop Sweet LuLu and got some pirate stamps from Joann’s and stamped the bags myself just to add a little detail.

Outside the craft was set up which was decorate your own pirate flag, which was a hit!

Along with some walk the plank

And a treasure chest of course, filled with gold coins, beads, and water guns.

And of course a pirate pool, from Pottery Barn Kids.

A gazebo set up for the parents to get a little shade while watching their baby pies. Notice the balloons, they are supposed to be ginormous but one arrived with a hole in it and was slowly deflating, needless to say for how much they cost I was not happy!

The banner was super easy to make and I love how it turned out. Just burlap and scrapbook paper, and some ric rac.



Be prepared to see a couple pictures of these bottles because they were probably my favorite detail. They are also from Shop Sweet Lulu and I wrapped them in jute rope and hot glued a gold coin to the front. I filled them with root beer.

Pirate cake pops that were starting to melt from the heat. They were actually pretty easy to make, especially compared to the Hamm ones I made for last years party. I just placed them in floral foam in a popcorn bucket wrapped with jute rope again, and placed some basket filler to cover the foam (my mom’s idea)

The cake was a little damaged upon arrival, and the perfectionist side of myself had to take a breather and a sip of Mimosa, but all was ok. I made the banner (my first attempt at one of those) and I liked how it came out but next time I think smaller pennants.

Dessert table

Later turned sandwich table.

All in all I was a great party, but I had an epiphany… I am not sure my kid loves big parties, he played with kids one by one, and interacted in his same safe space, but refused to come outside. It was all just too much, and so since these are for his enjoyment solely next year will be different. Hopefully just as cute but maybe with just a ¬†few friends. Who knows next year he might want lot of people but it will be up to him, and he will be old enough to tell me.

In my opinion a good party is all about the details, the small little things that make people take notice that you really thought about it and added some personal touches. Of course great friends and family to celebrate with make everything worth it.

8 comments on “A Pirate Party! Arrrrr

  1. You did such an awesome job on this pirate party! We are also planning one for my son’s 1st birthday party next month. I know what you mean about pinterest – I am on pirate party idea overload!! :)

  2. Hi there! I found your site from a comment you left on a Pink Pistachio post – and I’m loving it! You are a mom after my own heart when it comes to organizing and theme parties. :) Question: how did you get your cake pops to stand up in the bucket? I am always trying to find the best ways to display cake pops without them falling over.

    • Hi! so glad you like the blog makes me happy! I used floral foam that I cut down to size to fit into the bucket, worked great and I already had it in the garage so I didn’t have to buy anything ;)

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