Strawberry Pie

I thought I better post this before the strawberries are crazy expensive.

We recently had a party where I purchased a ginormous amount of strawberries and had a ton left over. I remembered my mom pointing out a strawberry pie recipe in my favorite magazine, Southern Lady, and decided to make her one.

It was so easy and delicious. Not something to make all the time because a couple of the ingredients are on my do not list but it was a special treat and for a special Mommy.

Strawberry Pie recipe from Southern Lady:

1.Slice up your strawberries( I used about a pound I’m guessing, they say 2 but that would have been way too many)  however you want really I quartered mine.

2. I just used a store bought pie crust, and baked it off.

3. In a suacepan combine  the  following ingredients and bring to a boil for 1 minute , whisking all the while. Allow to cool.

-1 box strawberry gelatin

-1 1/2 cps sugar

-1/4 cornstarch

-1 1/2 cps. water

-4 tsp. orange zest

4. Arrange berries in crust and cover with the “sauce” and put in fridge to set up for a couple hours.

That’s it, and it is dang yummy!!!! You could use this same technique for any fruit I’m sure. Like peaches, hmmmm peaches would be good!

Side note- I finally finished Then Came You and plan on doing a review soon, but check out what I am reading now it is so so so good!!!!!

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