Curlish Hair

The ever elusive natural looking long layer wave…. how I have searched and longed for you.  I found on Pinterst and decided to give it a shot.

Yes your husband will look at you like your crazy because you will look it, but in the morning he will be happy. Especially since you will not be spending 2 hours trying to curl your hair, only to later hear you bitch that all that work was for nothing when it fell the minute the humidity hit it.

This does fall out a bit but in a good natural way you will love.

Now the first time I tried it, I think I used too small of sections and it looked silly, but the next time I used larger sections and didn’t do them so tight and this was the result. This was right after I undid my hair first thing in the morning, and I did actually use a curling iron on the pieces around my face later before going out just to add a little something.

But I love the look of it and it will definitely be a go to technique fro me.

Warning: This will not be perfect, and for me thats ok, since that is the look I prefer. And it will take you a few tries to figure out what amount of hair you should wrap up to find what works for your hair type.

But you loose nothing since you are just sleeping on it, and it only takes 2 minutes to wrap it all up, go ahead give it a shot.

3 comments on “Curlish Hair

  1. Your hair looks amazing! I can’t wait till my hair gets longer. I am seriously considering extensions! Love the pic too!

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