A Way to Give Back

Have y’all noticed I like to buy things? Well I do, and once I had a child it got worse. No longer was I shopping for myself or my home I was consumed with buying him clothes and toys I knew he would love!

Except he would grow out of said clothes within a month, and typically care less about the toys I had bought with visions of hours of playtime flying out the window.

Add to that Type A need everything to be organized and a husband who hates clutter and you end up with a lot of CRAP!

Previously we would take a ginromous load to Good Will every couple of months, or offer it to the housekeeper who usually took it all. She made out like a bandit quite a few times.

But when the garage became  over run with huge outdoor toys and way too many bins of baby clothes I thought I would try my hand at having garage sale, my friend Stephanie needed one to so we did it together which made it so much more fun!

Pictures of some of the CRAZY….


Except the husband and I were struggling with the guilt of “selling” the stuff as opposed to just giving it to the less fortunate.

So I decided we would donate money from the garage sale to some of my favorite charities/organizations.

Hunger, especially child hunger is something that tugs on my heart, it is something I feel no child should have to endure. The fact that it is happening at the level it still is in the world is astonishing, and to know that children in my own community are stealing ketchup packets for the weekend is just something I can not cope with.

This apparently not the perkiest post sorry.

So I chose my favorite hunger fighting missions,   and

I first learned of  Heifer International years ago when I went to something called an alternative Christmas fair, where you could buy gifts for people that made a difference. Picture this (I am so Sophia from Golden Girls) my very first work Christmas party where I am told I need to bring a gift for something called Dirty Santa. I clearly did not understand the concept when I brought the gifts of two chickens from Heifer donated in your name along with some fair trade coffee. The person who got stuck with my gift which nobody took from her was not the happiest. The next year I was better prepared I brought liquor I think….you know how Christmas parties go and that year I was old enough to drink ;)

Second Harvest is more on an local level, providing food for the hungry children, elders,and everybody in between. I always buy those pre bagged donation bags at the grocery store around holiday time and it is to Second Harvest that those go.

With the money from the garage sale I was able to buy a goat. I went with the goat because the family that receives the goat can live off the milk, make cheese and sell it and so on. Plus they will give the goat’s baby to another needy family and the cycle continues I loved that!

And we made a good monetary donation to our local Second Harvest chapter.

For those reasons I am glad I suffered through what I now know is the torture of garage sales, not sure I will be having another one but we will see.

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