Fall Must Haves on the Cheap

I am officially forcing Fall into my life, I kid you not after enjoying my first pumpkin spice latte of the season I promptly bought some cinnamon brooms, and fall porch decorating is on my mind.

In the spirit of Fall I thought I would share with y’all what I think are 5 of the season’s must haves but at a more average price point. I am not shopping Bergdorfs here people I am thinking more like Target and Old Navy.

Let’s get to it!

1. Wine color anything! Burgundy or I have also heard oxblood red but that kind of icks me out, so I go with wine color (plus it is easier to spell ;) ) For me I think wine color skinny jeans would be perfect.


 from Target are a great wine color.

2. Military inspired pieces. For me I think the most wearable option will be an army green jacket, one I can dress up or down.

Gap has great one…now is a little pricier but I think this is a piece to keep forever.

3. Leather (faux or real) leggings. I have seen these everywhere and I oddly enough I love them! Kind of gives the everyday girl girl some edge, and I will be honest I need some edge, Pollyanna comes easy for me.

 from Nordstrom might be perfect, and a great price.

4. Plaid or red tartan. Obviously this could also work for Chistmas, I am thinking a flannel shirt or coat if I ever find the perfect one.

I love  form target, I am thinking open with blue jeans and riding boots and maybe a pop of color scarf.

5. Loafers. This is a trend that might take me a bit of getting used to. I mean I love a ballet flat and any shoe that can be stylish and functional I am all about but I think it is going to take me trying them on and seeing how they look on me.

Love from Gap. I mean polka dots sign me up!

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