Jewelry Organization

I have never been a huge jewelry person, I never wanted it for gifts and I didn’t really ever wear much except my wedding rings and a personalized necklace.

But then it happened and the it I am referring to is the stormy seas necklace from Anthropologie. I saw somebody wearing it on Pinterest and immediately fell in love.

I searched high and low and eventually bought one from ebay (they are no longer available at Anthropologie but the knockoffs (like mine which is handmade) can be found all over now.

From that necklace I realized I was missing out, statement necklaces can really make an okay outfit a GREAT outfit!

The collection grew and grew and grew. As did the need for some organization, I am never going to wear something if I can’t find it or it is a pain to get to, I do not have time for that mess.

First I tried this, not great. There was not enough space for everything and the pins would fall out….although I love it I knew it would have to go…..


This is where my love of reality TV really paid off, did you ever see that show Miss Advised on Bravo? Well it was basically awesome and I loved it and one of the girls in it had her necklaces hung this way. I thought sure she is damaged when it comes to intimacy but necklace organization she is brilliant! I knew where to find the rack since I used the same one for the kid’s work area and as soon as the husband was near an Ikea I sent him in for the goods.

I love love love love it! I makes everything hang right (hehe, still fourteen years old) there is plenty of space to add more and it is pretty. It is almost like art in our master.

I have also recently discovered a love of bangles and bracelet layering which I blame on Pinterest, and I can even hang those on a hook BONUS!

I am still not an earring person, most days I don’t wear any but when I do it is mostly studs of some kind. So I just use this egg tray from Anthropologie to corral my few rings and earrings. It’s pretty and that works for me.


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