Kid Friendly Halloween Decorating

For a really long time I thought I had the only kid in the world you did not feel the need to grab everything off of every surface of my house.

I kept my candle holders, and trinkets around for a long time then one day he decided the day had come…..the day he would pick up everything and most likely toss it to see if it bounced.

Now my “decorating” revolves around will the child want to hold this, will he try to taste it, will he attack the dogs will this item, how breakable is this?

Last year I went all out for fall and halloween decorating but by the time Christmas rolled around I was burnt out from all the packing and unpacking of decor items so this year I scaled back a bit.

My Tips:

1. Decorate a “free reign” space, a place that have decor items they can play with and do whatever they want with. In my free reign area (let’s be honest this entire house is his free reign area) I put Halloween books, blocks, etc. You will notice one “O” on BOO is already missing. I am sure I will find it huddled with a Buzz Lightyear somewhere.

2. Place stuff you know they will want to destroy in an area they can not reach. Spiderwebs are a huge trigger for this one so I made sure to put them higher up.

3. The paper banner I made has been torn down forty times already but thats ok it is just paper and a great way for us to practice some letter skills.

4.I don’t know why but if you have a group of items they always look better corralled in a tray, and for whatever reason said tray deters my wild one form grabbing it all and taking it to the floor.

5. Make it unbreakable, I know obvious right! Those candy corn cones are styrofoam (no joke had to google how to spell that) I made them last year with yarn and if he wants to play with them FINE not worth the battle I can “re-yarn” them easily.

Happy decorating y’all! It is so fun and believe me the kids gets pumped and will remember all those specials touches, I know I do.

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