My Happy Places 1

So I have seen a bunch of blogs do a weekly link post or favorite things post so I thought I would do a combo of both and try my blogging hand at it.

I realize my title sounds dirty but I do have a dirty immature sense of humor and so bare with me ;)

This week’s should basically be labeled: Dragging Fall by the Kahunas

Sure my calves were sweating but I didn’t care!

I am pumpkin obsessed I made this paleo recipe, so yummy and only 2 minuted in the microwave

And these pumpkin protein pancakes, also delicious and moist!

The weather has been on the crappy side this weeks so we played Dora games on the computer

And saw Hotel Transylvania, which was so so cute and not too scary at all

Took the wild man bowling, where he “bowled” like a pro for the first 6 frames and then called it a day

And because my husband is an adorable lovable pain in the ass I had to make two batches of these waffles, which I freeze for his breakfasts

And risked my life using this mandolin (scariest kitchen tool ever) to make said husband homemade potato chips

 All in all a great week, I have two sessions this weekend that I am so exicted about. One will be super girly and pink and one will be all boys! Wish me luck see ya next week.

3 comments on “My Happy Places 1

  1. That dress is too cute!!
    So Hotel Transylvania isn’t too scary?? I wondered, but I have heard from another person it wasn’t scary either so we may just have to go see it!

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