Pumpkin Cookie Tips

First I have to say I like a schedules and thrive using routines, which is why I try to post here Monday, Wednesday, Friday…have y’all noticed that? Anyway this is Tuesday I was out of town yesterday and didn’t schedule a post so I am feeling like quite the rebel this morning (geez Im a loser.)

I am a lot of things, but a recipe maker upper is not one of them. I am more a recipe follower but usually in the process find some tricks or tips that I wish I had known about a recipe, so that is what I want to share with you.

There are probably a hundred different “versions” of this recipe in the blogosphere and that is because they are amazing!┬áLike make them every fall (or a few times in my house) amazing.

I first found them on a friends full of adorableness blog. From that first bite I knew they would be a keeper recipe for well forever.

Here are some tips when making these cookies…

*Replace the vegetable oil with applesauce you will not taste a difference at all.

*You can definitely play around with reducing the sugar, especially if you are using applesauce which adds sweetness

*I have replaced the flour with whole wheat pastry flour and unlike in most recipes that can really change the texture this worked fine and they were still yummy ate too many good

*Use organic pumpkin in a carton, not in a can. Here is why, most cans leach BPA into the food it is containing. There is one company that uses BPA free can lining… Eden Foods, but I have never found Eden pumpkin. I stocked up on the Fig brand last year, but could not find it this year. Pacific Foods is now offering pumpkin in a carton though.

*Take them out when they look still a little undone otherwise they can get too dry

*Use parchment paper on your baking sheet otherwise your baking sheet will make everything else taste like cinnamon.

*The cookie scoop makes me happy, I got mine for a wedding gift 5 years ago and still use it constantly, perfect sized cookies every time. SN doesn’t my thumb look ginormous?

*Throw in some ground flax, nobody including yourself will taste it is in there.

*I use organic dark cacao chips, the highest percentage I can find usually 65% and they are delicious and make me feel less guilty when I eat twelve cookies in a sitting. Also you can omit the chocolate chips or even do half with half with out.

*They taste even better the next day, but not 4 days later, so eat up people or pass them out.

Happy fall baking, hope some of these tips are helpful.


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