I’m Lauren, I am not great at talking specifically about myself, and since I have a love of lists I figured bullet points would be the best option to describe myself.

*I am Mama to a gorgeous blonde haired, blue eyed, almost 3 year old charmer with a salty side, and I get the gift of being able to stay home with him nearly 24 hours a day 7 days a week, like I said a gift….

*Get this….I have been with my husband for 13 years, married for 5. We started dating when I was 15, just a baby (go ahead do the math….got it ok yes I am closing in on 30)

*I love lists, and organizing, and keeping things straight

*My most favorite quote as of recent comes from a mother’s day card that I got for my own Mommy. Goes a little something like this “It wasn’t until I became a mother that I realized something…..holy crap this is hard!” -Hallmark

*The minute my son emerged I immediately became about fifty shades (can’t help myself sorry) “crunchier.”  I did not know it was happening or that is was actually an entire parenting style, I just went with what my gut told me and followed my instincts, I am talking full on co-sleeping, extended nursing, label reading, organic feeding, baby wearing crunchy

*I still love a nice bag preferably ginormous, or fancy pair of shoes (probably flats though)

*I am obsessed with finding good beauty products minus all the yuck

*I love DIY for the home and the accomplishment you fell when you look at your handy work everyday

*I am not particularly good at anything, but I try at a lot of things (sewing, crafting, cooking, teaching my kiddo, photography, etc)

*I am self taught at everything hence probably my affinity to mess up quite a bit, my Mommy was amazing in the single mom, take care of yourself, always there for you kind of way, but not the bake you a cake, sew you a costume kind of way, so people I am winging it

*Don’t laugh but no joke The Hunger Games has changed my life for the better, more on that later (side note Fifty Shades of Grey has changed my life too ;) wink wink)

*Oh did you notice from the last one that I like what some literary hoouty tooutys might

call crap but I’m not ashamed

*I have a sense of humor that can sometimes lay right on the edge of inappropriate, in advance hope I don’t offend anyone

*I love photography, I love taking the pictures, seeing what you got when you upload them, and capturing the small moments that make life so special, on the flip side I hate pictures of myself!!! So more than likely they will be few and far between on here.

Stick around and see what happens it’s sure to be filled with blunders and beauty my two favorite things, after all I am just a simply inspired mama.

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