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My Happy Places 3


How can  Thanksgiving be right around the corner, I ask you what in the world happens to time after you have kids? This week flew by and basically I just survived without really accomplishing much, well unless you count keeping my kid and husband and dogs alive. I spotted these pillows in a store and I really want to find the time and energy to make one, just not sure what I want it to say. Round one with my Southern Biscuits book, goes to me. They were … [Read more...]

G Family Session


Years ago, and I mean years ago I met this Momma in a very early morning computer class in college, and 10 years later I would say it just stuck! I have seen her family grow through marriage, and two babies. So to photograph them is special for me and a gift. I wanted it to be just them as a family, interacting and playing. Being natural and having fun, and I think we accomplished that.   … [Read more...]

Just Finished : Switch


It would seem between writing for two blogs, keeping up the family blog, starting a photography venture, and the most important caring for my family and home my time for reading has fallen to the side. September was the first month this year that I did not complete a book. The type A person inside me hated that, the way too tired to read person said screw it. I finally did finish the book I have been working on since September, and I realized maybe it was the book. It was not until the end … [Read more...]

Oh the Apples!

apple collage

We recently went on a mountain trip, and included in this trip was apple picking. I had never been before but wanted to scratch it off our fall bucket list and so we did. Not one orchard but two! It also happened to be the apple festival time too so I ate a lot of apple baked goods... dumplings, and caramel, and fritters yummy! Get ready for some pictures people.... It was beyond gorgeous, we ran through corn mazes (kid ones not grown up ones that seems not fun at all for a person with … [Read more...]

No Stinkin’ Naps!

IMG_6595 2

Parenting is really hard. My favorite Mother’s Day card of all time is the one I got for my own Mommy last year, that said “It wasn’t until I became a mother that I realized something....Holy Crap this is hard!!!” That statement could not be more true in my eyes. But I am not gonna lie, infancy for my son seemed a little like a cake walk as I think back. He never cried, I mean never, like ever (couldn't help myself). He was attached to one of his parents constantly, he slept in … [Read more...]

Last Minute DIY Treat Bag

IMG_2635 2

First a confession- I have never made my son a costume, I order them! It just seems so hard and daunting and honestly he picks things like Buzz Lightyear, not sure it would be easy to whip that up, with buttons to star command and all the fun stuff. But this year he chose to be one of those minion things from Despicable Me, really it started with that preview he kept seeing at the movie theater where they stand in a line and sing. He makes his Father and I dance and sing that song … [Read more...]

My Happy Places 2


This week has been a whirlwind, three playdates, one mama's date,  an exciting photo session opportunity,  a successful post (that I was so scared to post), and all the fun in between. Here are some pictures from the week.... Trying to justify this purchase, I need these plates from West Elm for something I am sure. Missing my evening Mommy and Mommy time from the mountain house.... Finally finished a book, September was the first month I did not complete a book this whole year. … [Read more...]

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Preschool Homeschool Co-Op Plan”ish”

IMG_1910 2

SO... this was the plan BUT it has kind of fallen to the side. One of the Moms is moving and my life kind of got crazy with new projects. I am not sure really what my plan is now but what I do know is the more I think about it the more I realize we (humans) only have such a short period of time when we have no responsibilities and if we want to play all day we can. My wild man is in the midst of this short lived place of joy and I struggle with having a "structured" learning time. I can … [Read more...]